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stop thinking start doing guided supported mindful  journal Offering you a stress-free, uncomplicated, effective journaling experience created to make you feel more mindful  confident.


I learned the importance of filling up my own cup but she struggled with consistency, time, and perfectionism. I was looking for a tool that combined all the mindfulness tools I had been adding to my daily life, but there was no version of this in an undated journal. Which leads me to the I creation of the Stop Thinking Start Doing graphic journal. I made this tool to fit my needs, to help me stay in the moment and to track and be accountable for the things I wanted to accomplish. 

I realized the difference this journal could make not only in teachers' lives but in anyone who struggled with the same problems and wanted to feel empowered in their lives to create more mindful moments and go after the goals they desired to accomplish. I want to share the life-changing feeling with you of staying committed to what you said you would do and being more mindful with your time throughout your day.

If you have any questions or comments for me, please fill out the form with all of your details and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Contact Info:‪( 609) 621-7173‬  Email: Aliciapapa@gmail.com