stop thinking start doing guided supported mindful  journal Offering you a stress-free, uncomplicated, effective journaling experience created to make you feel more mindful  confident. Habit tracking made easy.

Stop Thinking Start Doing Intuitive Journal Guide PDF

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Helping you to create a realistic energy-matching journaling routine that leaves you feeling confident & more mindful! Offering solutions & suggestions to make you feel better and supported in committing to the things you want to do. 

This guide is broken down into 4 parts all parts come with a clickable link & QR code that connect to a video of each part being broken down with further support.

This guide can be downloaded and started while you wait for your journal to arrive! 

Part I- The Reflection 

Answering some journal prompts surrounding your blocks, excuses, fears, and judgments around journaling/ habits. 

Part II- The Routine 

Taking the time to brainstorm where, when, and how often you're going to journal. Getting to lay out the pros and cons of your options and decide which option will serve you best and working through how you can work around the cons for the options you chose. 

Part III- Align with your energy 

Helping you to identify what your different energy levels look like and feel like in general and then matching some journaling actions to your energy levels so that you can honor both your goals and your energy. 


Part IV- The Check-ins 

Some guided questions to help you reflect and set intentions for your first month of journaling. 

BONUS- The Conscious Habit Creator 

Consciously spend the time to layout the habits you want to incorporate into your life by exploring the whys and whens. Then, align what you can do for that habit with your energy levels. 


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I am so grateful for this incredible tool!! Thank youuuuuu!!!