Why I Stopped Thinking and Started Doing

I started where you are now, I wanted change but didn't know how to start. I began with journaling, but I was teaching during the pandemic and I just couldn't keep pouring out the energy to keep designing, drawing, and erasing over and over again.

I remember a month into journaling, before my guided journal, and literally having mental breakdowns because it was Wednesday and I hadn’t set up my weekly journal set up and how I was completely drained from teaching in the most insane ways during the pandemic. But I had dreams and goals that I wanted to accomplish and I would stay up later than I should have for having a 4:30 am alarm. 

But  I sat there and I drew the design, I erased, I redrew, I outlined with markers. It was what I had to do to keep moving forward, but it wasn’t sustainable for me. 

I wanted a tool that served me but honored my energy. When I began looking for this tool, I couldn't find anything that really served my needs. Most things that I found were predated planners or journals with prompts. I wanted to sit with my journal and use my limited energy to just reflect and restore. 

Since I couldn’t find anything I decided I was going to create my own. That is where the Stop Thinking Start Doing Guided Journal began, and with a title like that I had no other choice but to keep taking aligned action to bring this journal to life. 

I was teaching full time during the pandemic (i'm a 7th grade special educator) and I was teaching some students in person, some online, some every day, some every other day. And the leaders in my school said make sure you self care as they added more to our piles. I needed to make this journal to keep going, to be accountable for the things I knew filled me up and allowed me to pour into others. 

I busted my butt to grow my social media accounts, I worked with lawyers to trademark my company and to copyright my journal. I spent hours designing and reformatting pages so they served people in the best way possible. I wanted to create something that really could help make a difference in people's lives. 

The Stop Thinking Start Doing Guided Journal  is a 3-month undated, easy-to-follow guided journal.  It gives you the space to self-reflect, align with your goals, and get consistent with your habits and is meant to help you be more mindful throughout your life. This non-intimidating format is meant to help guide you through your journaling journey and to help you be creative and not overwhelmed. 

Journaling is such an intimate and mindful practice and everyone deserves to be able to strengthen their connection to themselves. 

If you are ready to join me and Stop Thinking Start Doing, check out my guided journal. If you are someone who has struggled with journaling in the past, or just don't know where to begin I have a Stop Thinking Start Doing Intuitive Journal Guide available in both pdf and spiral notebook formats.